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Create a Funnel dashboard
Create a Funnel dashboard

Learn how to create and manage your own Funnel Dashboards

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In this article, we talked about the four Funnel dashboards you can view and choose to set as your default. But, you can also create your own custom dashboard to view reports and data that is important to you.

To create a new dashboard, click on the actions button at the top-right of your screen, and select create dashboard from the drop-down menu.

Give your new dashboard a name and add a short description, then click create. Your new dashboard will now appear in the dashboard drop-down menu.

Next, it's time to add some widgets to see the data you're most interested in. A widget is just like a little summary pulling information from other areas and displays it in the place you have selected. A summary of the widget types available to add to your dashboard are shown in the screenshot below.

Simply search for the widget you wish to add and click the add widget button. Note: you can drag and drop or resize any widgets once you've added them to your dashboard.

Remember, if this is the dashboard you'd like to see every time you log in, be sure to select set as default from the actions button in top right of your screen.

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