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UTM tracking on online forms
UTM tracking on online forms

Learn how to use UTM tracking on your lead profiles to monitor campaign performance from third party marketing platforms.

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What is UTM tracking?

Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) is a snippet of text at the end of a page URL that allows you to track where traffic to that page has come from.

What information does setting up UTM campaign tracking give?

You can now attribute the performance of marketing activities through UTM tracking on the lead profile.

If you're running a UTM campaign that points to an Enrol or Funnel Form from an external marketing platform (like Facebook or Google), the following UTM parameters will appear on the lead detail:

  • Source

  • Medium

  • Campaign

  • Term

  • Content

What happens when you run multiple UTM campaigns?

If you're running more than one campaign, you'll be able to attribute the impact of each campaign to the lead profile. This will appear as a collection with a date stamp of when the lead visited the campaign.

How and where will the UTM campaign information display?

You'll find the UTM campaign details on the lead profile.

Note: these fields are not editable and can only be populated by the lead completing the form from a UTM URL.

Here's an example UTM campaign URL:

If the lead completed the form on the above URL, it would appear on the Lead Details like so:

Here's a handy video on where you can find the UTM information on your lead profile:

How do I create a UTM code?

You can create UTM codes for campaigns on a variety of third-party websites like Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder,,, and more!

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