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Funnel Communications Reporting

Learn what your Communications Reporting includes

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Once you have sent a communication via Funnel you will be able to monitor and review its performance through the communications reporting.

To find your communications reporting, navigate to Communications Module and select the name of any of your sent communication campaigns.

This will bring up the below information. Summarising visually the open and link click numbers over a certain period of time.

You can hover on the points in this graph to see the exact numbers

Below this on the left hand side you will see another graph.

The Email Delivery Graph is displaying the percentage of Unique Opens, Failed Deliveries and Not Yet Opened out of the total number of emails sent in this campaign.

Unique Opens: Number of times a new email address opened the email. This does not count if the same recipient opened the email multiple times, it counts the first time open only.

Failed Deliveries: This count calculates whenever the email could not be delivered to a recipient. The reason for failed delivery is often due to incorrect email addresses. You can download the Delivery Report to see in more detail the failed reasons and associated email addresses.

Not Yet Opened: Calculating the number of emails from this campaign that have not yet been open at the time of looking at this report.

Downloaded Delivery Report: This report downloaded via the download button shown in the above image provides a list of every email recipient and information on whether or not they received, opened or the delivery failed with a reason why.

The figures and graphs in the communication reports are evergreen, so they will change depending on when you are viewing them.

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