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Incorrectly associated siblings
Incorrectly associated siblings

Managing siblings that have been incorrectly linked in Funnel.

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In some cases, families might list children that are not part of their immediate family on an integrated form. This can happen when registering for an upcoming event, or when helping out a friend by submitting a form on their behalf.

This has implications with the family associations in Funnel. The system will assume the parent or guardians listed must be associated with all children entered on the same form. For example, Hunter Kelly's parents completed a registration form with Simon Biggs and his mother Tracey on the same form.

Funnel will now assume that Hunter and Simon are siblings, and the three guardians will show as one family.

This issue will need to be resolved by our support and development team, so if you do come across this, please send a link to the lead through as a support request.

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