Cancelling events can be an extremely stressful and disheartening process.

We wanted to make it as easy as possible to cancel your event. There are two types of event cancellations: Events with registered attendees, and events with no registrations.

Your first step is to verify if your event has any attendees that have registered. Check this by looking for the number of attendees on your event page.

Once you've established if your event has any attendees registered or not, you can follow the instructions below:

Cancel events with registered attendees

First create a communication template if you haven't already got one. This will be used to notify your registrations of the cancelled event and provide them any other options to connect with your school in lieu of this cancelled event.

Read how to create a communication template.

You can then move to your Events module and find the event you are cancelling.

Be sure you have the correct event before selecting the three quick action dots on either the upcoming event cards

or on the events list table.

Select Cancel Event.

If you have registrations in this event you will receive a pop up encouraging you to notify these registrants via email.

Select Confirm and create email to select your communication template and send.

The status of the cancelled event will now show as Cancelled and your registrants are now all notified.

Deleting events with no registrations

Should your event have no registrations and you therefore do not need to inform attendees about the cancellation, you're able to delete your event directly from the Events list. Simply find your event on the list, click on the 3 quicks action dots, and select delete from the list.

It's important to remember that cancelling an event in this way, will trigger no communication, so please be sure that you have no attendees registered for the event.

It will also remove any record of registrations to this event from your lead activity if you accidentally delete an event with registrations.

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