There will be cases in Funnel when either two siblings have been created with two separate families or a lead has two families associated to them that should be one joint family.

Unmerged siblings

This can occur if mum submits a form for Clancy with no reference to dad. Later dad submits a form for their second child, Molly with no reference to mum. The system has no way of knowing these leads are connected.

If you are sure these leads are siblings you need to merge the Families. Select the three dots in the top right of the Family widget and select merge family.

Then in the pop up modal, type to search the second family name and select the correct option from the list. Review the family details and once you are happy select Merge Families.

This will bring the guardians together to one family and add the siblings details as shown below.

Duplicate families associated to one lead

This could occur if mum submits a form with her full name Janet and then uses short name Jane on another form, creating two families associated to one lead. In this instance you can merge the families as shown above and then merge the duplicate guardian within that family.

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