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Digistorm Funnel and Enroller integration
Digistorm Funnel and Enroller integration

Learn more about connecting and sharing data between EnrollerConvert and Digistorm Funnel

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We've recently announced a new integration between Digistorm Funnel and EnrollerConvert.

This new integration is especially valuable for schools with international student programs, utilising EnrollerConvert, as it allows international student data from to flow seamlessly into your Funnel account - from where you can manage both your domestic, and international marketing in a targeted, scalable way.

Connecting Digistorm Funnel and EnrollerConvert

Currently integration setup is activated on a 'on request' basis.

To do this, simply request a digital 'key' from our support team (either by raising a request in the blue messenger chat on this page, or via

Once you've received this 'key' you can connect with the Enroller Customer Success Team (, who will link the two systems together.

You will soon be able to connect or disconnect the integration from within your EnrollerConvert school settings.

Sharing of data

Student, Caregiver and Enrolment data will be shared from your EnrollerConvert to your Digistorm Funnel at two points:

  • When an enrolment application that was received in Enroller is moved to the 'Eligibility' stage.

  • When an enrolment application is successfully 'Enrolled', a second data update will be sent to update the status in Funnel. Or, if the student is 'Withdrawn' at any stage the status in Funnel is also updated.

There will not be any data passed from your Digistorm Funnel to your Enroller at this stage.

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