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See Funnel communication recipients
See Funnel communication recipients

Check out a delivery report and recipient list after you have sent a Funnel communication.

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After sending a communication in Funnel, you can filter your leads list by this communication, or view the recipient list as a part of the communication report.

To do this, select Advanced Filter > Communications. Then you can select from all communications that have been sent via Funnel or Any.

Once selected, you can choose from a range of options regarding the email and the recipient interaction with the communication sent. For example, if a lead opened the email, if they clicked a link within the email, or even if they unsubscribed.

View your delivery report

If you would like to see the recipient list and the delivery status per email address this can be done from the Communication report. Select the sent communication from the Communications module to open the report. Then, select the Download button as highlighted below.

This will download a CSV file with the delivery and interaction information per guardian email address with a failed reason as shown in the example below.

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