You may experience some connectivity issues or prefer to manually record the attendance of your event registrants on the day of your event.

That's no problem, be sure to run the event registration export the day of your event to check people off as they arrive.

Post event you can then select the relevant event in your Funnel account to work through updating the event attendance for your registered groups.

You can scroll the list to find the group name or use the search at the top of the table. Once you have the found the group, select the three more actions dots on the right of the group and select Mark as attended.

If not all members of the registered group attended the event then select the Manage Group option instead. This allows you to mark individuals within the group as attended or not.

Simply check the box on or off alongside the registrant names. If there were additional guests (outside of leads of parent/guardians who came along on the day you can use the guest counter to indicate these numbers.


  • The Check In time listed for these attendees will be automatically logged as the time they were checked in via Funnel. This cannot be changed.

  • You can 'Mark as Attended' from midnight onwards on the day of the event.

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