Funnel can calculate the number of days a lead has had no interaction logged with the school, therefore the lead has been sitting idle in your system.

You can filter your leads by this Days Idle field according to a number of days you believe requires attention.

Like shown in the below image, you can add this field to any table view in your account to see a snapshot and reorder your data.

Days Idle reflects all Lead activity that represents an interaction or engagement occurring with the lead or family including:

  • Activities logged such as phone calls, meetings etc

  • Emails sent from Funnel

  • Forms completed

  • Events attended

Days idle does not consider manual changes to lead details such as manual stage changes or lead information manually updated by a Funnel user. This is because these could have been done without any interaction with the family occurring. Manual changes to a lead will be reflected in the Last Updated field.

Note: If manual changes made to lead details were as a result of an interaction with the lead or family, that interaction should be logged on the lead as the relevant activity. This activity would then be considered in the Days Idle calculation.

The last activity date recorded for the lead should match the leads days idle.

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