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What does it mean when a parent unsubscribes?
What does it mean when a parent unsubscribes?

Funnel email subscriptions and how they work

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When emails are sent to parents/guardians from Funnel, they have the option to unsubscribe from any further email notifications. Digistorm is required to include this link as in most countries it's illegal to send unsolicited emails. Recipients of your message must have the option to unsubscribe from Funnel emails.

Parents/guardians can choose to unsubscribe from all emails, or they can manage their preferences:

If a parent/guardian unsubscribes from Event reminders for example, they won't receive any Event emails sent to them, including an email that would usually be triggered via an automation.

You can view parent/guardian communication settings by going to the Email module - Unsubscribes tab:

Or you can view it on the Lead itself on the Family tab:

If the parent clicks the unsubscribe link in a Funnel email they are automatically unsubscribed from the categories they choose.

The category tag will be removed from their preferences.

If the parent emails or calls to request to be unsubscribed you can do this manually from the Lead profile.

Remember if you email the parent, and the email category is one that the parent has unsubscribed from, the email will show as failed.

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