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Add registrants to your Funnel Events
Add registrants to your Funnel Events

You can easily add an existing Funnel family to an event, or use this opportunity to create them within the system.

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If a family calls and requests to register for an upcoming event, you can add them directly to the event from within Funnel.

You can manually register an existing Funnel family or a new family to your event by following the prompts. You can select to notify them via email once you've added them to the event.

Select the three more action dots on the event, and select New registration from the quick actions list.

Search for the existing family or select Create a new lead to add and follow the prompts in the modal.

You can manage individual associated family members' attendance and any additional guests here also.

Alternatively, you can also use the Bulk Action options on the Leads page. Once the relevant lead is selected, select More and Add to Event.

Or from the Lead details page using the More dropdown.

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