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How do I use the Lead Conversion Report?
How do I use the Lead Conversion Report?

The lead conversion report displays the number of leads in each stage based on the data set you have selected.

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The Lead Conversion report is great to view the performance and conversion of different data sets on the one table.

For example you can view the conversion rate numbers of your Year Levels or Entry Years to help with forecasting and future planning.

You could then filter this data out further by setting conditions such as did they register for an event as shown below.

If you would like to filter your data even further you can choose your Measured by field and select just the options you would like to see on your table by selecting these in the Filter dropdown.

If you see a row on your report titled "Unknown" this represents the number of leads in your system that do not have the Measured by field populated. For example if measured by is set to Year Level and there are leads with the Year Level field blank these leads will show in the Unknown row.

Note: the Range drop down at the top of the report filters out leads based on their creation date. You can click the blue numbers on the table to see which leads make up these numbers.

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