Edit your table columns

You can change your table columns to suit the information you need to see at a glance.

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Having an overview of the important fields in your table view makes viewing your data easier.

The tables listed below can be edited to add the most important fields to the view:

  • The Leads Table

  • Form Entries Table

  • Payments Table

The columns are all managed the same way, by using the three More Action dots in the top right of the screen.

The Edit Columns modal will appear.

On the left of the modal is a searchable and scrolling list of all the available fields you can select to have active on your table.

Simply select the checkbox alongside the relevant field or uncheck the box if you want an active field removed from your table.

On the right of the modal shows what is currently active on your table view. You can drag and drop to reorder any fields by hovering on the eight grey dots and dragging this field to the correct position.

Alternatively you can also delete any unnecessary fields from your view using the red trash can icon.

Select save and this is live straight away.

Remember this only impacts your personal view as it is a per user setting. Also, when editing the table in the Leads Module this is a per List view, so as you move through your Lists you can set different table columns to suit the data of interest per list.

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