Views available in your Leads Module

A board view is available for those users who prefer a more visual approach to their data.

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The default view throughout Funnel is a table view. However, if you'd like to view your leads more visually and divide them into your enrolment stages, then the Board view is for you.

A Kanban Board visually showcases leads as information cards progressing through your enrolment process, as columns across the screen.

To change your view from table to board select the small board icon in the top right corner of the table.

This will swap the view to a board with columns based on your stages and place the relevant leads placed in those columns.

Alongside the column title, a number indicates the number of leads in that stage. To scroll, move your mouse to the stage of interest and scroll your mouse. To scroll across the page hold shift and scroll.

You can pick up different lead cards and move them along to another stage.

There is no bulk select available in the board view, however, you can still search and use the filters here.

The leads listed in each column are ordered based on the soonest entry year and then by year level.

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