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How to create a Pipeline Stage Analysis report
How to create a Pipeline Stage Analysis report

Pipeline Stage Analysis report displays information about the duration in days leads have remained in a stage

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This report displays the number of days leads remain in a pipeline stage on average. This should highlight time consuming internal processes or lack of interest by prospective families to progress to the next stage. Using this information you could update your enrolment pipeline processes and introduce new ways to move families through your pipeline quicker if you wish.

To map data on this report, specify the date range first. The range set here pulls in the leads created during that time.

The report then considers the leads created in the specified range and what stage they are in when you look at the report, calculates the average number of days leads created during that timeframe stayed in each stage.

You will also see on the table the number of closed won or lost leads directly from each stage.

The variance column represents the change in data from the last time period of the same range as your report.

Remember: This report does not show the won or lost stages of your enrolment pipeline as it assumes leads are not moving away from these stages so the duration of days they sit in won or lost are irrelevant.

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