You may see the back-end system for eduAPP referred to as ‘Reach’ throughout this document. Reach is the system that you will log in to in order to make changes or updates to your eduAPP. It was built by Digistorm Education and is a user-friendly solution for managing your communications.

School Code

When logging into Reach, you’ll be asked for your School Code, which will be provided to you during training. If you need it sent to you again, contact


In various sections of Reach, where you have the opportunity to send push notifications, you may be presented with various ‘Destinations’ to select from. Destinations are the systems to which you can send a notification. Your eduAPP is one, and if we’ve integrated your Facebook page, Twitter page, website, or any other system, then these will also be Destination options.


When adding content to your eduAPP through Reach, you will have the option of targeting your content so that it only reaches relevant recipients.

Under the ‘Targeting’ section, your ‘Tags’ will be the categories of recipients that you have specified. Your Tags might be split into different year levels or even subjects or extra-curricular activities. Selecting them ensures that your content is only displayed to a particular group.

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