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Finding your way around your app dashboard
Finding your way around your app dashboard

Navigating the CMS for your App

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The CMS is a user-friendly and simple management system for your Digistorm App. We’ve put together this guide for the dashboard to help you navigate to the feature that you need. Click here to access the CMS.

1. Main Menu

Use the Main Menu navigation to add Notices, Calendar events, Newsletters and More.

2. Settings

Manage your settings using the cog icon and your profile by clicking your name. Quickly add a new Notice or Event using the buttons below the Main Menu navigation.

3. Analytics

Once your app is in use, analytics on the type of device which is downloading your app will be displayed.

4. User Feedback

Users of the app can submit feedback which will be displayed on your dashboard.

5. User Activity

Lets you know about recent updates that have been made.

6. Latest Media

Displays recently uploaded content.

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