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How do I publish a Notice on the app?
How do I publish a Notice on the app?

Adding, editing or scheduling a Notice

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To add, edit, or schedule a Notice, click the Notices tab in the main navigation header.

Adding a new Notice

To add a new Notice, click the + New Notice button on the top right-hand side.

You can now add a title and write it up. You have some formatting options available, including bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, bullet points, and numbered lists.

If your Notice is urgent, tick the Urgent Notice check box so that it'll appear red and bold in your Digistorm App.

Notice scheduling

If you’d like to schedule your Notice for a future date, select Custom date on the right-hand side and select when you’d like your Notice to be published. Below this, you can also set how long you’d like your Notice to be available for.

Tip: for permanent notices, set the year to 3000!

Notice attachments

You have the option to submit a number of attachments to your Notice.

  • Address: add an address to your Notice. Enter it exactly and a Google Map will show in your Digistorm App, demonstrating the location

  • Contact: add one or more contacts to your Notice. In your Digistorm App, users can simply tap on the details to start a call or email

  • File: if your Notice has a relevant file, such as a photo, document or flyer, you can add the file. Support file types include .jpg, .png, .pdf, .doc, .xls and .txt.

  • Link: add a link to a web page to your Notice for additional information

  • Map: if you have a map uploaded in the CMS, add it to your Notice

Once you’ve added the relevant attachments, scroll back to the top and click ‘Publish now’ or ‘Save draft’.

Click here to learn how to publish your notice as a push notification (Push notifications deliver timely news and encourage users to engage with the App in some way. They look like a text message, but they can only reach people who have downloaded your school app).

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