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Targeting App content with tags
Targeting App content with tags

Tags are perfect for segmenting communications depending on target groups at your school.

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Tagging is perfect for school staff needing to segment their communications depending on target audiences such as school year and/or extracurricular groups, rather than a blanket notice to everyone at the school or year group.

Tags are available for any content created in Notices, Calendar, Newsletter, Links, and Contacts. The tags functionality is centred around specifying if you want to apply “Or” or “And” logic to your tag selection.

Selecting tags

When selecting tags you can either increase your communication reach by selecting the relevant tags and applying the “Or” functionality. This means that your school community subscribed to any of the tags you have selected will receive this content. The default is set to “Or” when selecting tags.

To communicate with a more specific segment of your school community, select the relevant tags, and then select the “And” logic. The app users must be subscribed to all the tags selected for that content in order to see this in their app.

Tags apply to calendar events also.

For example your Primary calendar would be tagged Year 1 to 6. Meaning parents subscribed to any of these tags (Year 1 - 6) will see events in the primary calendar.

Creating / deleting tags or categories

To create new tags, please contact Digistorm Support.

Please first check to make sure the tags and categories are not being used on any active notifications, then contact Digistorm Support.

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