Funnel GraphQL API

Learn how to access the API available within your Funnel account

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When integrating one of your school's existing systems with a Digistorm product, we use an Application Programming Interface (API) – this allows us to connect one application to another to communicate and share information. We like to think about an API as a middleman or translator between people who speak different languages.

Our new GraphQL API provides schools with even more power over their enrollment data. Schools can write and create their own software tool to pull data collected throughout the admissions process and map it into any school management system database or produce custom analytics and reports.

Funnel has a fully documented Graph QL API which is uniquely generated for each account.

The documentation specific to your Funnel account can be accessed from Funnel Settings > My Funnel > API.

For more information, please reach out to your Digistorm Client Success Manager, or contact Digistorm Support: If these options do not appear for you please contact your account admin to review your permission.

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