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Set expiry dates on pre-populated enrol form links
Set expiry dates on pre-populated enrol form links

Customise the timeframe in which pre-populated form links will expire

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When sending a link to an enrolment form from Funnel communications, the form will be pre-populated with the existing lead and guardian data.

With this functionality you can also set an expiry time for these pre-populated links, so they become unavailable after the specific date.

This could be handy if you have a limited timeframe for people accepting enrolment offers sent to them from Funnel communications. To do this, start by filtering the leads that you're offering a position. Then select the leads and create your email (or select from a template you've already set up).

To add an expiry to a pre-populated form link, you apply this to the Button block within the email content.

Make sure your button block is utilising the Link to a form option, then ensure you've selected your relevant enrol form (you'll see the message below to confirm you have selected an enrol type form that can be pre-populated).

Then use the Link expiry dropdown to select the timeframe you would like this link to expire.

The month expiry adds the number of days in the current month and it expires at the time it was sent. For example, if the communications was sent on:

  • 28th February, adding a month takes it to 28th March.

  • 31st January, adding a month goes to 3rd March

If the form user doesn't complete the pre-populated form before the set expiry date, they'll no longer be able to access their form and the link becomes inactive.

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