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Title-casing names in Funnel

Funnel automatically sets some formatting rules to your incoming data.

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Full names entered into your forms in all capital letters can be hard to read, and not ideal for passing through to your school management system (especially when tokens are involved).

Funnel helps with formatting lead and parent/guardian names entered into your forms, by title-casing the names automatically when the new leads and guardians are created within Funnel.

Title-casing changes the data entered into the form name fields. For example, from

'JOHN DOE' to 'John Doe'.

It'll also work with names like the one below to ensure they're formatted in Funnel correctly:

'John McDonald'.

The form entry will always act as if the parent has entered the data, so you can check that as a reference.

However, the name fields will be reformatted to support well-formatted tokens and to ensure clean information is sent across to your SIS for easy ongoing management.

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