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Export Errors - TASS integration
Export Errors - TASS integration

Common errors for Funnel + TASS integration.

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Here are some common errors you may experience when using the Funnel + TASS integration, and how to fix them.

The heading these errors fall under below is the platform you'll need to use to fix the error. Let's get started!


  • Enrolled student not in TASS or student has been cancelled.

    The student did exist in TASS previously but was deleted, TASS have provided some information on how this can be done, please see reinstating a student.

  • Enrolled student has been transferred to Current

  • A lock has been encountered. Please try again

    A user has recently opened the application in TASS and instead of cancelling out of the application they’ve just closed the window or clicked out.

    To fix, ask the user to go back in and click CANCEL (top right), it can take up to 20 minutes for the lock to release and you’re able to export from Funnel again.

  • Application ID "DS-12345" is not unique

    The application has already been exported to TASS in the past. It’s best to reach out to TASS support for further information.


  • Boarder must be specified, can be "any field" must be specified.

    When you come across this error, it means that the field on that lead’s page has no data on it, head to that field and add the information required and try export again.

    If it does have data, please reach out to to investigate further 🙂

  • "field name" is invalid, can be "any field" is invalid.

    Any field can be invalid, the first step is to check that field on the lead or parent/guardian and make sure it has the correct information.

    If it does have the correct information please reach out to to investigate further 🙂

  • f_surname is required, can be “any field” is required

    TASS requires certain fields in the export, if one of these fields is blank you’ll see this error. To fix, head to the field in question on that lead’s family tab, in this case “father’s surname”.

    If there is data on the field, please reach out to to investigate further 🙂

  • "0412345678" is not a valid mobile number.

    The contact number provided by the parent is not valid. Check if the mobile number is the Student’s first, if not it’s going to be one of the Parent’s, you may need to reach out to the parent to get the correct number and update their information on Funnel before exporting.

  • par_e_mail1 or par_e_mail2 is invalid.

    The email address provided by either the first or second parent/guardian is invalid, check for spelling mistakes, eg missing .com or the @ symbol.

  • m_name must contain at least two name tokens (first_name & surname). Check that both parents have a surname listed in Funnel


If you see these errors, please reach out to and we’ll be happy to help 🙂

  1. f_name invalid when name tokens supplied

  2. m_name/f_name invalid when name tokens supplied

  3. f_name must contain at least two name tokens

  4. m_name must contain at least two name tokens

  5. "field name" is invalid



cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired

cURL error 56: OpenSSL SSL_read: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL

If you see either of these, please reach out to your contact at TASS, or the TASS support team as the SSL certificate may require renewal.


cURL error 28: Resolving timed out after 10000

500 Internal Server Error - Error exporting Mr Mike Digistorm

501 Not Implemented

413 Request Entity Too Large

400 Post Size exceeds the maximum limit

It’s likely that the attachments on the lead are too large and it’s causing the export to fail.

To fix, you’ll need to edit the size of the attachments, aim to keep the total file size of all attachments under 20mb.

Alternatively if you’re not comfortable with editing file sizes, please reach out to us at 🙂

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