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Set up multiple triggered form emails via Automations.
Set up multiple triggered form emails via Automations.

Use automations to trigger targetted content to your form users.

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You can deliver targetted automated content to your prospective families based on answers they provide on your integrated Funnel forms.

Firstly, review your forms to ensure you are asking questions that will help you customise the admissions journey for interested families. Make any form edits via the Funnel Form Editor or reach out to your CSM for any further help.

Once you are happy with your forms, move onto the delivery of your targetted emails. Navigate to the Automations module under the More dropdown in your header navigation.

From here select New Automation in the top right of the screen.

On your first card select, Custom Trigger. Then set your filters based on Form completion first, then add another picking up the additional fields used to customise the content you will deliver via this automation.

For example, on our Expression of Interest form we asked for the Student Interests. We will use the Student Interests field to delivery college football related information to those people who selected Football as the student interest field. Select save condition.

Keep in mind if you have a generic completion email set up for this form you will want to add a delay before the next communication is sent to the parent. Then select send email for the next card and select your pre-prepared communication template as shown below.

You can set up an automation for the different targetted answers available on your forms and you can also build on these individual automations to form a drip campaign.

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