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Enrol reports to set up in your account
Enrol reports to set up in your account

Funnel has some great reports which can be very useful for your enrolment information.

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Referral traffic

This report shows how users access your forms. All you need to do is select the form and then add any further relevant filters to view the number of entries per source.

Leads map

Use this report to see where your leads are located.

Remember, if you're only interested in the locations of leads who've submitted an application form, then add your filter as shown in the image below.

Latest entries

This report lists the latest entries made by a form of your choice. To use, select the form and then select your combination of conditions. For example, 'status is complete'.

Entries comparison

With this report, you can compare the number of entries made via your forms to that of another time frame.

These reports are all useful to add together to a dashboard for easy and live viewing.

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