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Guardians automatically marked as do not contact
Guardians automatically marked as do not contact

'Do not contact' can be flagged on form submissions and stored against leads in Funnel.

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You can now add a do not contact toggle to your Funnel forms. This allows families to list all parents/guardians without the risk of information being delivered to those that should not receive it due to legal reasons.

When the parent toggles this, any contact information for that parent/guardian becomes inactive both for form-specific communication and Funnel communication.

To add this toggle to your forms, access the Form Editor for the relevant form, then select the parent/guardian collection. When this is active you'll see a checkbox at the bottom. Check this box, and you'll see the toggle appear on the front end of the form.

Once this field is active on the form the below is how the parents will see it when completing the form.

When this is selected on a guardian, even if an email address is listed, the system will not send any communications to this guardian.

When the guardian is created in Funnel, the information will be stored but the contact details are shown as inactive, and won't be included in any bulk communication sent from Funnel.

When the parent/guardian gets to the signing step of the form, they'll be prompted for a reason as to why the listed guardian can't sign the form, and then they'll be able to complete the form.

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