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Set disallow communication on a guardian
Set disallow communication on a guardian

Mark a guardian's details as do not contact

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If a guardian in Funnel should be prevented from receiving any communication, you can toggled Disallow communication.

To do this, navigate to the guardian in the lead details page, and then select Edit details. From here you can toggle Disallow communication.

You can also provide a reason in the text field below for future reference.

Any guardians marked with Disallow communication will be indicated with the Do not contact red tag, and their contact details shown as greyed out, in an inactive state.

If the lead that this guardian is associated with is included in any communication sent from Funnel, this guardian will not be sent the email.

You can filter by this information to see all leads with a guardian marked as do not contact.

*Note: When you toggle Disallow communication for a guardian, it is specific to that lead. For example, if you have two siblings that need to have one guardian set to Disallow communication, you need to toggle Disallow communication for the guardian on each lead separately.

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