Language barriers can hinder families from completing the enrolment application form for their child. Often an agent or relative will complete the form on behalf of the family.

If the agent or relative logs into the form with their own personal email, when the lead is created in Funnel, it will be linked to any other leads in the system that the agent or relative has also completed forms for.

This can cause incorrectly linked families and Funnel communications sent to the wrong family with the wrong student details within the communication.

Digistorm is currently working on a solution for this scenario.

In the interim we strongly advise the agent or relative to log into the form with the primary parent/guardian email address:

The agent or relative will then need to get the form access code (sent to the parent/guardian email address entered), from the primary parent/guardian. After this access code is entered into the login screen, the form can be completed with the parent/guardian details.

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