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Create new event types with registration forms
Create new event types with registration forms

Learn how to create your own Funnel event types

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You have the flexibility to create new event types, set up their relevant settings, and create and edit the associated registration forms within your Funnel account.

In the Events module, select the 'more action dots' in the top right to see the option New event type.

Follow the prompts to set up your new event type. This includes adding an event type name, whether the event type should have a public link, embedded form available, or set to private so only allow those invited can register.

Next, enter how long events for this event type usually run and if the number of registrants is limited. If limited, enter the maximum number of individuals or groups for the event type.

You have the ability to control if you'd like to capture the guest names on your event type registration forms or to enable a counter to indicate if the number of additional guests is enough.

If you are hosting this event type virtually you can add the online platform meeting link to the details area. This information will be included in event-specific Funnel communications.

If you opt for in-person the campus locations set up in your Funnel account will display here for selection. The address associated with the campus selected will be included in event-specific Funnel communications.

You then move to finalise some registration form settings. If you would like leads who register for this event type to move to a particular stage in your Funnel pipeline, then toggle this on and select the relevant stage from the dropdown. Finally, select a Funnel user who you would to be notified when a new registration comes through this form.

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