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Manage your event types
Manage your event types

This article will explain how to make edits to your existing event types.

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To make changes to the event type used for your event, navigate to your Funnel settings (bottom left corner), then select the Event Types

Here you can click the three more action dots to the right of the event and select manage event type.

The modal on the right of the screen will appear, from which you can directly make edits. Select to edit specific settings or have access to the Defaults tab, where you can update any default event type information.

One of the options is Delete event type. You won't be able to successfully delete an event type if there are open upcoming events for the event type.

Below, you'll see an example of the warning message that'll appear.

If you select to delete an event type that has past or canceled events, you'll need to instruct Funnel on how to handle these.

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