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Public or Private Bookings
Public or Private Bookings

You can choose if your booking type is public or private.

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Some Booking types such as school interviews may be invite only. If this is the case those booking types should be set up as Private.

This can be done in the Booking type settings either using the three more action dots alongside the booking in the bookings module or accessed from your Funnel settings area.

If your booking type is private the only way people can access the form is via emailed invite. This will provide a unique single use link for the email recipient to use.

Note: If you are an Admin Funnel user in your account you will be able to open the form link and view the form from within the Booking as well. Other users will not have access to be able to do this.

If the Booking type is set to Public, the registration form and form link will be available for anyone to access and register into like all other Funnel forms. You can copy the form link and add it to your website, in emails or on your socials etc.

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