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Import Funnel Events to sync to your own calendar
Import Funnel Events to sync to your own calendar

Sync your Funnel events with your native calendar.

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There are a couple of ways you can sync your events calendar:

From the Events module, if there are no bookings, one of the options shown here is Sync your calendar.

  • Select Sync your calendar to find the link to sync your calendar

From the Events list page, you can also select the three more action dots, from where you can:

  • Select Manage Event types

  • Select the Event type

  • Select the copy the link alongside Sync to external calendar

  • Copy this link into your browser address bar and press enter to download the ics file

You can then follow the linked instructions below for your relevant email client:

The following information will show on the calendar event:

A few things to remember:

  • The calendar sync is only one way, Funnel > your calendar. You need to leave your event date/time, as availabilities in your own calendar

  • The sync function can be delayed for a few hours depending on the calendar client

  • If the event is cancelled in Funnel, it will be removed from your calendar (keep in mind this could be delayed depending on the calendar client)

  • If you don't import the calendar following the steps above, the calendar won't keep syncing and only bookings at that time will be added to the calendar

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