There are a number of automated emails that event registrants will receive throughout their Event Form experience. Each template can be edited via the event:

Or via the form:

You can see each template listed on the left-hand side:

Invitation to register for the event

From within the event, select the Invite leads button to send an email invite out to your prospective families. The email invitation will use this email template.

Cancel event email

When cancelling an event, a pop-up window will open, encouraging you to notify the registrants via email of the cancellation.

If the checkbox is selected in the pop-up window, the cancellation event email will be delivered to the registrants.

Cancellation email

If a family chooses to cancel their event registration (via their confirmation email), they'll receive a cancellation confirmation email.

Important details changed

If details such as the date or time need to be changed for your event, you'll be prompted to email all of the registrants with the updated details.

Reminder email

A reminder email will automatically be sent to the registrant 24 hours before the event starts.

If the family registers within this 24-hour period, they won't receive the reminder.

The reminder email can be deleted, if you wish.

The reminder email can also be added again if you change your mind:

Confirmation email

A confirmation email will automatically be sent to the registrant when the form is completed.

This email can't be removed just yet, but our team is in the process of reviewing this.

Reschedule email

If circumstances change, you can reschedule a family's event booking. You'll be prompted to email all registrants with the updated details.

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