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Veracross API creation for Funnel
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In this article, we explain the API creation for the Veracross integration with Funnel.

To start, create an OAuth Application record using the directions outlined below. Since Digistorm is enrolled as an Integrated Partner, you will want to find the name in the list of Integrated Partners and click "Start Integration". Then, continue with step 4 in the following article: Setting Up New Integration Partners in Veracross API.

Since this integration only needs to enable the Data API, you don't need to worry about adding a Redirect URI.

Once you've created the OAuth Application, you'll need to add the following scopes. If Digistorm adds additional integration features with Veracross, you may need to add more scopes.

  • admission.applicants:create

  • admission.applications:update

  • admission.relatives:update

  • admission.relatives:create

  • admission.applications:list

  • admission.applicants:read

  • admission.applicants.relationships:list

  • relationships:list

  • students:list

  • admission.citizenships:list

  • admission.languages:list

  • admission.applicants:list

  • admission.households:list

The Client ID and Client Secret will be shared with Digistorm once you submit your details.

Speak with your account manager to have the integration enabled in Funnel.

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