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How to separate merged leads and guardians
How to separate merged leads and guardians

Learn how to separate leads or guardians who may have been merged by accident.

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Unfortunately, lead and guardian merges are permanent and cannot be reversed.

If a lead or guardian is merged by mistake, you'll need to manually create a new lead or guardian and update the information using the field history.

  1. Open Funnel in two different tabs in your browser. In the first tab, open the merged lead. In the second tab, click '+ New lead'.

2. On the lead profile, open the full details of the lead:

3. In the new lead modal, start entering the details from the lead profile. You can use the field history to view the relevant information:

4. After you've completed the fields in the modal, click Create Lead and then open the new lead profile, and enter the remaining details.

Once this step's been completed, you can edit the existing lead and revert the name and details to their original format by using the field history view to check which data belongs to each lead.

Remember: check for any documents that have been uploaded (included any application forms), and upload these to the newly created lead. The pipeline stage might also need to be updated too.

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