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Removing a Funnel user
Removing a Funnel user

Learn how to remove a Funnel user, and a few things to check

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If you have a team member that no longer requires access to Funnel, admin users can delete the user.

Go to the Settings / Users, in the bottom left-hand corner

Find the user you wish to delete, then click the more actions menu, and then delete:

If the user is assigned as the owner of any leads in Funnel, you'll be prompted to assign a new owner.

You can choose any other Funnel user:

A few things to consider:

Update any automations that look at the lead owner, send an internal email or assign a task, these might need to be updated.

Check Event/Booking Type settings to make sure the deleted user is not set to receive email notifications.

In the Forms module check the form settings incase there is an internal notification going to the deleted user.

Check the Email templates incase the From / Reply to email is set as the deleted user.

If the user had created tasks for another Funnel user that are not associated with a lead, these tasks will be deleted completely from all accounts.

If the user had created tasks for another Funnel users and associated them with a lead, these tasks will remain on the lead timeline but will show as created by 'unknown'

Any activity logged on the Lead timeline, by the deleted user, will remain but show as 'unknown.'



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