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SSO for Funnel

How to add single sign-on to Funnel

Written by Digistorm
Updated over a week ago

When single sign-on (SSO) is added to Funnel, it allows users to log in with credentials shared by other software.

There are two major advantages of adding SSO to Funnel:

  1. Convenience for Funnel users (no separate login details).

  2. Additional data security: Funnel logins must be validated against the staff directory, giving a single reference point for current, valid staff logins.

For this to be set up, your school must already use a separate IdP (identity provider) for your staff directory, such as ADFS or Azure.

An annual charge applies for the use of SSO.

If you would like to add SSO to Funnel, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or our Support Team.

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