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Adding a signature to your Funnel email
Adding a signature to your Funnel email

Learn how signatures can be used on Funnel emails and templates

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Adding the signature block to a Funnel email will automatically populate the relevant signature on the email that is sent. Here's how it works:

  • The signature block is connected to the sender set on the email (which is the "from email address")

  • If the sender (From email address) is also a Funnel user with a signature set up, this user's signature will be populated on the email

  • If there is no Funnel user associated with the sender, the signature block will then use the signature of the person creating the email. In this scenario, you will see an alert in yellow (this is just a reminder that the sender (From email address) does not have a signature set up):

The same applies when adding the signature block to an email template.

If the sender (From address on the template) doesn't have a Funnel signature, then a signature won't show on the template preview. However, when the template is used to send an email to the family, the signature of the Funnel user creating the email will be populated on the email.

If you would like to send Funnel emails from your own domain, please contact Digistorm Support to get the set up steps.

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