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How to reopen your booking type
How to reopen your booking type

Learn how to add new time slots and reopen bookings

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After the time slot dates have passed, your booking types will automatically show as closed in Funnel:

You can also manually choose to close a booking type:

When a booking type is closed, the live form will state that there are no upcoming bookings:

If you want to reopen the booking type, you can add new time slots and then reopen the booking type.

Step 1: Click the 3 grey dots on your booking type, and select 'manage time slots'.

Here, you can add the required new time slots you'd like to offer.

Step 2: The final step is to Open bookings:

Tip: If you have available time slots, but the form is still showing with no upcoming bookings, check the Minimum notice required setting on the booking type.

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