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Filter leads by address
Filter leads by address
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For even better sorting and organising, you're now able to filter by address in Funnel. The feature will be available for advanced filtering, sorting leads on the leads table, creating lists, lead scoring and automations.

You'll be able to filter addresses by following elements:

  • City/Town/Suburb

  • ZIP/Postal code

  • State/Province/Territory/Region

  • Country

These address filters can be found under lead and guardian properties in the filter dropdown.

You can choose whether to include one or multiple properties within an address element, for example, you may wish to filter for leads from a group of suburbs. You can choose to exclude leads from certain suburbs or states in your lists as well.

You can also add address properties as columns in your table. For example, you may want to add the suburb column to your waitlist and organise your table based on what suburb the lead is living in. The list will be sorted alphabetically.


Q. What happens if a lead doesn't have an address in Funnel?

A. If lead doesn’t have an address, the lead won't appear in lead search results. We suggest filtering by the guardian address instead.

Q. What will show in my leads table if a lead's guardians have different addresses?

A. Guardian columns added to the leads table only show the primary guardian’s, primary address. The primary address will be the latest residential address added to the lead or guardian and won't display multiple addresses.

Q. What happens if there are guardians with different addresses?

A. The address filter will search for any residential addresses associated with the lead or guardian in the account.

Q. Will the filter apply to postal addresses?

A. The address filters only consider residential addresses and won’t take postal addresses into account.

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