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Need to export your Funnel data to TASS? This article is for you.

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This article explains the process of exporting from Funnel to TASS. There are 3 stages of an export:

First stage (initial export from Funnel)

  • The first export from Funnel goes to “Online Enrolment Applications” in TASS. Multiple exports from Funnel can be made while the application sits here.

Supported - Lead and Guardian fields

Not supported - UD Areas (attachments) and Enrolment receipts

Second stage (after the client reviews the application and moves it to the second stage in TASS, which is Enrolments)

  1. Client reviews the application in TASS and if happy, clicks Add Enrolment.

  2. The application moves to Enrolments. As part of this move, a student and parent code is assigned. Clients can now export UD areas (mainly used for attachments) and Enrolment receipting. At this point the export will still update lead fields but guardian fields are NOT supported. The client can make multiple exports from Funnel while the application sits in this area too.

Supported - Lead fields, UD Areas (attachments), Enrolment Receipts (if included in their setup)

Not supported - Guardian fields

Third stage (client moves the student from Enrolments to "current" student, AKA rolling over)

  1. At some point during the enrolment process the client will move the enrolment to Current (they call this rolling over). Once rolled over we can’t export from Funnel anymore.

Not supported - Lead fields, Guardian fields and UD Areas (attachments)

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