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Veracross API creation for your App
Veracross API creation for your App
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In this article, we explain the API creation for the Veracross integration with Digistorm Apps.

To get started, create an OAuth Application record using the directions outlined below. Since Digistorm is enrolled as an Integrated Partner, you will want to find Digistorm in the list of Integrated Partners and click "Start Integration". Then, continue with step 4 in the following article:

Once you've created the OAuth Application, you'll need to add the following scopes. If Digistorm adds additional integration features with Veracross, you may need to add more scopes.

  • academics.enrollments:list

  • academics.student_assignments:list

  • academics.student_daily_schedules:list

  • academics.teacher_daily_schedules:list

  • directory.staff_faculty:list

  • events.athletics:list

  • events.group_events:list

  • parents:read

  • relationships:list

  • students:read

  • sso

We will also need a callback URL set, this will be customer-specific and can be provided by your onboarding contact.

The Client ID and Client Secret will be shared automatically with Digistorm once you submit your details.

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