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All apps must be published via a Google Play Developer Account. For the majority of schools, this will be via Digistorm's account.

Why we recommend using Digistorm's Google Play Developer Account

While there are some cases where schools may need to publish their app via a Google Play Developer Account they control, for the majority of schools, the best way to approach this is to use the Digistorm account.

This is due to reduced admin requirements for both your school and Digistorm, and a lower risk of account and app removal due to unactioned items.

Signing up for your own Google Play Developer Account

Before signing up for your own Google Play Developer Account, you should reach out to your Digistorm Contact to discuss whether this option is appropriate for you.

You can start the process of signing up for your account by going to the address below and following the prompts:

Once your account has been activated, you will need to follow the three maintenance steps outlined below.

Maintenance Items for your Google Play Developer Account

Account Verification

Starting November 2023, Google will require accounts to verify their legal status and provide a range of contact details.

New accounts will need to provide these details when they create an account.

This process is made up of two steps, as outlined below.

Selecting a verification deadline

When you log into your Google Play Developer Account you will see the prompt below. Hit get started to continue.

You should then select a due date from the dropdown menu. We recommend working through this process as soon as possible to reduce the risk of the process changing.

Select the Organisation Account option and provide your D-U-N-S number (more details about this can be found here).

You will receive a confirmation of your selected date via email. We recommend putting a calendar reminder in for this date.

Verifying your account

For advice on verifying your account, we recommend reading Google's support answers, which can be found here.

Google Play Service Account API Key

In order for Digistorm's systems to push builds into your Google Play Developer Account, we require a service account and APK key to be created by the account-holding user.

The process for creating this key can be found here.

Once complete, please send the key to your Digistorm Contact.

Inviting in Digistorm's User

To start this process, you will need to log in to the Google Play Console with the account-holding user and switch to your developer account.

From the left-hand bar, select "Users and permissions".

Press "Invite new users".

Invite our user with the "Admin" permission. The email for our user is:

When this has been done, please let your Digistorm contact know.

App Login Credentials

Depending on your App's integrations, Digistorm may need your login credentials. Your Digistorm contact can provide more details about whether this is required.

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