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Clipboard in the Digistorm App
Clipboard in the Digistorm App
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Our custom integration with Clipboard seamlessly delivers targeted extracurricular activities and events to your community through a Digistorm App.

You can read more about this integration and ask for a demo to see it in action here.

How the integration works

We cannot directly authenticate users into Clipboard via the app, instead, we use other systems—such as TASS, Schoolbox, Wonde or Edumate—to establish the user and their details.

Because of this, we must have one of the flowing details matching between the external system (where your user account is housed) and Clipboard.

For students:

  • Their SIS ID

For Parents:

  • Their SIS ID

  • Their Email Address

The personalised Clipboard modules only support Parent and Student roles.

Notes on our integrations

TASS Parent Lounge

This integration does not support push notifications from Clipboard, only loading content into our modules.


The email address or SIS ID stored for parents needs to match that store by Clipboard for push notifications to function.


We only receive the Contact ID (not the Carer ID) and username from Edumate for parents, these will need to match what Clipboard receives for push notifications to function.

Common issues

Pushes not working

If your parents and students are not receiving push notifications when expected, you can start troubleshooting this by working through the following steps:

  1. Review the details above about how the integration functions and ensure you have matching IDs between the various systems.

  2. Send a test push from Clipboard. You can access this tool here and read more about the configuration on Clipboard’s side here.

  3. If this doesn’t provide any helpful details, please contact our support team via the live chat in the bottom right corner of this page.

Updating Clipboard tokens

Digistorm uses a Clipboard API token to request details on behalf of the user, these expire after 3 years.

When they expire you should receive an email from Clipboard with details about the expiry timeline and next steps.

You can generate a new token by following this link.

We recommend the following settings:

  • Name: something descriptive that would allow anyone to understand the function, such as “Digistorm App”

  • Timeframe: 3 years

These tokens can be securely provided to Digistorm via this form:

Do not provide API Tokens or other credentials via the Support Chat or Email.

Getting more support

If you have any issues which can’t be resolved with these steps, please reach out to our support team via the live chat in the bottom right corner of this page.

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