When completing a Funnel online enrolment form, the parent or guardian enters their name and email address in order to receive an immediate verification email. This email provides them everything they need to start filling out the form.

Upon starting the form, they'll receive an email with a link to access their form should they choose to leave it at any stage before completion. This link allows them to pick up where they left off, storing any previously provided information.

If you need to nudge families along, a reminder email can also be set up with a custom timeframe. We recommend setting this email to be triggered after 7 days of inactivity on the form. By doing this, the family will receive a reminder email, asking them to continue filling out your form.

Finally, the last automated email is the completion email. This email notifies the user that they've successfully submitted their application and includes a PDF copy of the form and receipts for any payments that have been made.

You can edit the content of these emails directly through the Form editor.

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