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Can I set my automation to automatically expire or turn off?

No, the automation status will need to be deactivated manually from the automations dashboard to stop the automation. When an automation is deactivated, leads that meet the trigger conditions won’t be subscribed to the automation. Leads that are still in the automation will continue through the automation, however, actions will not be executed.

Learn more about how to deactivate your automation.

Will I be able to edit my automation once it’s active?

Yes, you’re able to edit an active automation at any time. Simply log into your Funnel account and navigate to More > Automations. Click on the name of the automation you wish to edit and then make your changes. Once you’re finished, click Publish in the top right corner of your screen.

Can I test my automation before publishing it?

Not at this stage. We’ve explored providing a test functionality, however, we found that it didn’t provide users with much value. You will, however, be able to test all email communication at each stage of the automation.

Can automations enable the input of email replies from families into their lead activity?

Not right now, but it’s in our pipeline!

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