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Create email templates for automations
Create email templates for automations

Learn how to create email templates to use in Funnel automations.

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To send a marketing email in your automation, you must choose a pre-existing email template, or create a brand-new template.

Once you’ve selected a trigger, you can click the + plus icon to start adding your automation actions.

To add an email to your automation, select send email from the actions list.


Next, complete the relevant recipient and email category details, and then click choose template.

From here, you’ll be able to either search for a pre-existing email template or click create new template and then choose in the bottom right corner to start from scratch.


Name your new email template and click create.


Now it’s time to set up your new email template. Click configure the email on your automation builder and then edit template in the left panel.


Clicking this will allow you to set up your email template in a new window. Complete all of the relevant information for your email template and then click save template in the top right when you’re finished.

To confirm that your changes have been saved, a message template successfully updated pop-up will appear in the top right. You may now exit the window and return to building your automation.

If you need a hand setting up an email template for a Funnel automation, contact Digistorm Support:

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