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How to create a Funnel automation
How to create a Funnel automation

Learn how to set up an automation within Funnel.

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The automations tool allows school marketing and admissions teams to streamline a wide range of repetitive, day-to-day tasks while maintaining a highly personalized experience for prospective families.

Ready to get started?

  • In your Funnel account, navigate to more > automations

  • In the upper right corner, click new automation

Next, you’ll be given the option to search for a pre-existing template or start fresh with a blank canvas. Since we’re creating a brand new automation, click blank canvas and then click create automation in the bottom right.


Building your automation

Start by giving your new automation a name.

Next, it’s time to choose an automation trigger. When a lead meets this condition, they’ll automatically be subscribed to your automation. A trigger can be set based on a variety of filter types including:

  • Events

  • Communications

  • Forms

  • Pipeline stages

  • Leads

In the automation editor, click the ‘choose a trigger’ button.


In the left panel, select a filter type for your automation trigger.


If these options aren’t quite what you’re looking for, you can also choose to create a custom trigger. To build your own custom trigger, choose a lead filter type from the dropdown menu and its relevant data properties, then click save condition in the bottom right corner.


Once you’ve selected your trigger, it’s time to start building out what happens next. Note: Funnel automatically saves any changes made to your automation.

Adding automation workflows and actions

  • In the automation editor, click the plus icon + to add an automation workflow or action.

  • In the left panel, select an action. Learn more about your automation actions.

  • Set up the details of the action.

  • Continue these steps until you have added all desired automation actions.

If you need to change any of your automation triggers, you can always click the three dots next to the box you wish to update and select clear card.

Managing settings

Click the settings cog in the top right to manage the settings for your automation. Here you can set rules around automation run times and lead subscription options, and what steps should take place if an email action fails. Once you’ve selected the correct settings for your automation, click save.


Publishing your automation

Once you’ve reviewed your automation, click publish in the top right corner to set it live. Once your automation has been turned on, you can view its activity log to monitor progress.

If you need a hand with creating new automations in Funnel, contact Digistorm Support:

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