To create a new event in Funnel, head over to the Events tab on the top navigation, and then click Add Event.

From here, you’ll be prompted to complete a couple of steps.

1. Select Event type - Select the event type relevant to your new event. Each Event type has its own registration form associated with it. By selecting an Event type, you're telling the system which forms you'd like the event to appear in, and which event settings will be displayed

2. Date, start, and end time - This information will show alongside the Event Name on the registration form.

Tip: You can override the time by typing if you need a time that isn't half-hourly.

We understand that your events may have the same names each time they're run, but with different dates. That's why Event Names take on the Event type title. This means fewer steps when setting up your new events and more consistency for parents when choosing events.

Learn how to create a new event type in this article.

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