To create a new event in Funnel, head over to the ‘Events’ tab on the top navigation, and then click ‘Add Event.’

From here, you’ll be prompted to provide information about your upcoming event such as;

  • Event name - This will be shown in the drop down of the registration form

  • Date, start and end time (optional) - This information will show alongside the Event Name on the registration form. Tip you can override the time by typing if you need a time that is not half hourly

  • Timezone - This will be defaulted to your school timezone but you can change this if you are setting up an event in a different timezone to your's

  • Number of Attendees - A maximum number of attendees can be set for your event or you can leave it as unlimited. If a max number is set the form will update to remove this event when it is full. Remember you can set a max number of individual attendees or a max number of family groups.

  • Location - This is a preset address or addresses set up in your account. They will be your campus locations. If you are hosting an event that is not at an address listed contact Support

  • Event Type - Select the event type relevant to your new event. Each event type has its own registration form associated with it. So by selecting an event type you are telling the system which form you would like the event to appear on. These are set up in your account by the Digistorm team so if they need to be changed you can contact Support

  • Walk in Registration - Selecting this will allow unregistered attendees to be registered via the check in app on the day of the event


Once you've completed this information, simply click the 'create event' button. If you would like this event to be available and open for registration straight away be sure to select the three dots on the event to select 'Open Event'


For more information, please reach out to Digistorm Support via the chat messenger in the bottom right of the screen.

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